ABOUT HardCore Hygiene


How we started

We got our start as a small health food store in "middle of nowhere" Alberta. Both my daughter and I worked hard taking courses and learning about natural health.

From aromatherapy and herbal medicine, to nutrition and homeopathic medicines, we learned it all. 

Next came my daughters wedding. We wanted to create handmade favours for her wedding but something more interesting than almonds in a pretty bag.  We decided soap was the way to go.

We now know that soaping is not something you just decide to pick up one day as it requires a lot of materials and know how. But we persevered and created some great little favours.

We both had a passion for minimizing chemicals in our daily life and neither of us could find a natural soap that was really satisifing us. They melted, they lost their scent, they were ugly etc. and seeing as we already had the materials we decided to keep going with it. Over the next year we perfected our recipe (no more "melting" in the shower!) and started a business called Squeaky Clean Soaps & Such (feel free to check out our "prettier" soaps here!).

My brother came to us a year later, telling us about his problematic skin after being in the boxing ring, and hoping we could make something to help. 

We said Hell yeah! And the rest is history..... 


Well not really, it took us over a year and many many many soapy mistakes to create Hardcore Hygiene. Finding the right scrub was one of the hardest tasks (If you want to feel like your skin is being scratched right off, try poppy seeds!). Also finding the right amount of charcoal to create a powerful anti-stink effect but not too much was a challenge (think powdery mush that won't hold its form, rather odd to wash with!). We continued to work with different materials and finally came up with our amazing recipe.


We have learned so much on our journey so far and we look forward to creating new products specific to sports and working with the athletes that love them!  

Our Ingredients


We spend countless hours researching and procuring raw materials that are the best quality for the best price so we can create superior products for a  fair price.


-Our palm oil is sustainably sourced = no rain forest destruction, plus it contains toctrienols (a member of the vitamin E family) which are commonly used in anti-aging products to prevent free radical damage.  

-We use biodegradable jojoba beads to add some scrub to our soap, while ensuring that there is no damage to our seas.

-100% pure essential oils, no low quality "smell alikes" for us!

-Organic coconut oil provides moisture to skin,  the fatty acids within help with acne and anti-oxidants help to prevent losing elasticity in the skin. 


-Castor oil is a fantastic skin softener and moisturizer. Just to add a little extra awesomeness, it is also expeller pressed, hexane free and certified non GMO.


-Cold pressed olive oil has numerous skin care benefits. It is loaded

with vitamins E and A, fatty acids, and antioxidants, which moisturize the skin

and help neutralize free radicals. 

Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles from the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion

and is incredible for removing odors.


Why HardCore Hygiene?


We wanted to create a completely natural, nontoxic and environmentally safe product that actually works!


Enter HardCore Hygiene.

No more buying anti-odor products that "kinda" work.

No more toxic ingredients that poison you and the earth.

It's time for a revolution in sports hygiene!


We believe that cheap materials = cheap products.

We will never source inferior ingredients to save money because of one simple fact: We love our products and our customers way too much to sacrifice quality!

Our Team!

We are a small family run business devoted to providing our customers with quality products and knowledge. Our shop is located in  Beiseker's finest health food store Simply Food For Thought. We also own and create a whole line of bath and body care products for the whole family! Check out our other line 

 at  Squeaky Clean Soaps & Such


Creators and Owners - Jo-Lynn Knapp and Aleah McKenzie

Photographer and graphic design - Kim Cotrell